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Zack Bruell Events and Catering

gives fans of Bruell’s cuisine a full-service restaurant experience at their home, office or event space, ensuring a top-notch, professional event from start to finish.The custom catering service offers a range of culinary options, from hors d’oeuvres to multi-course sit-down dinners or stations, depending on the style and setting of the event. Patrons may choose from a selection of Bruell’s restaurant cuisines or work with his chefs to create a specially-tailored menu that is unique to their event. Zack Bruell Events also offers private use of Parallax, Chinato, L’Albatros, Cowell & Hubbard, Alley Cat and Dynomite Uptown for events and parties. “Zack Bruell Events offers a full-service restaurant experience to our guests, from our custom culinary selections to the great hospitality that they expect from our restaurants. Essentially, we bring our restaurants to you.”